‘Stop and look before joining traffic – put down the phone and cigarette too…’

I see many things on the school run in the mornings, but last week’s near miss in Jumeirah had me fuming for days. As I drove straight down the road towards a stop sign, a small white car from an adjacent road nearly plowed into me. The driver didn’t stop, or bother to look either way as she reached the end of the street. As I used my horn and looked left at the offender, I couldn’t believe my eyes. A middle-aged woman behind the wheel held a cigarette in one hand and a phone in the other. I stopped and mocked her with both hands (cigarette and phone). Of course, instead of apologising, she held both her hands back up at me in a similar fashion! Seriously honey, how were you going to drive the car with no hands? Wake up people. Stop at the end of a road when you want to join into the traffic. Try signaling for a change. Then, wait and look both ways before entering traffic. Basics, people, basics! Betsy B Dubai

‘Got my ticket for tennis, shame I couldn’t see it’

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