VIDEOS: ‘Harlem Shake’ fever grips UAE

A video titled ‘Do The Harlem Shake SAE Dubai – Da Fak Habibi’ was filmed at the SAE Institute in Dubai and posted on YouTube on Monday. Students of the Indian High School in Dubai, The Millennium School and the Canadian University of Dubai have also uploaded their own versions of the latest Internet dance craze. A ‘Dubai Harlem Shake’ event is also set to take place on Friday morning at the open beach next to Burj Al Arab. “Lets create the biggest one yet …. you all saw or heard this on youtube …. THE HARLEM SHAKE thing. so it all takes one min to make … all we need to do is to be there on time … so invite your friend your parents .. you grandparents .. even your gold fish .. anything goes. Lets beat the new york one,” said a post on the ‘Dubai Harlem Shake’ facebook page. “Invite your mates even if ur not comin … Shooting will start at 10 am .. be there earlier,” the post added. Harlem Shake is a popular style of hip hop dance and the title of a 2012 heavy bass instrumental track produced by DJ and music producer Baauer. The Internet meme was originally established in a video uploaded on February 2.

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