Abbie Emmett’s husband quizzed again on her fatal fall in Dubai

Abbie Emmett, 27, the wife of former motorbike champion Sean Emmett, had been drinking when she fell to her death from a Dubai hotel room in February. Her death was originally recorded as suicide, but earlier this month an official at Dubai Public Prosecution told 7DAYS the case had been reopened, as they investigate whether Abbie was murdered. Emmett last week tweeted that he was due to meet with officials. Following Thursday’s meeting, Emmett says he now faces a wait until the end of the Eid Al Adha holidays before being quizzed again by prosecutors about Abbie’s death. He tweeted: “So after 3 hours of going back over the events of Feb 18th, the prosecutor will phone me after 9 days.” Emmett has been in Dubai since his wife’s death. Nine days after she died, he was arrested after turning up at a police appointment smelling of alcohol. After surrendering his passport and being charged with consuming alcohol without a licence, Emmett was fined Dhs2,000. He maintains he has paid the fine, however authorities say it has not yet been paid.

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