There is no place for our kids to play

494736253I am a resident in Bur Dubai.

My children along with other children play in the parking lot of the buildings for an hour in the evenings. There are no parks or green spaces within safe walking distances hence the kids play in the alleys and parking lots.

The management in our building have been harassing the kids, maids and parents and taking their toys away in a bid to stop this. We have asked them to give us a time slot so that it does not inconvenience anyone but they refuse to listen.

Our kids have to go through so many obstacles just to play. Playing is what kids should do and with the with the rising obesity and excessive technology issues parents are worried about the kids.

Inspite of the heat and the concrete the kids show their resilience and play and now they have to put up with the harassment from the management. This has to stop.

Greg, Bur Dubai


  1. I too is a resident of bur dubai. My son also faces the same situation. He along with his friends are finding some vacant parking slot for playing. Please sort out the kids demand for such places where they are not fear of the building managements any more

  2. Seriously? We, in JVC want play areas, sidewalks, and traffic signs. Two accidents in my area today. RTA doesn’t seem to care.

  3. Unfortunately there are not much parks nearby where kids can play if you are staying in Bur Dubai. Nearest would be Creek Park and Zabeel Park. It maybe dangerous if you let your kids play in a parking lot or a vacant lot and you need to stop this. Issues on obesity is not related to lack of place to play. Kids need to be disciplined on eating healthy and proper diet which always start af home. Issues on technology are responsibilities of the parents and shall be dealt with by them, and not be blamed on lack of place for play.

  4. Of course John. Not everybody can afford living in a villa with the garden you know.
    You seem to be THE expert.

    I don’t know where you come from but my childhood was filled with outdoor games.
    And yes, growing “on the block” came with many of them in the parking lot, streets etc.
    There is no need to play “clever” and criticising parents who want the best for their children.
    I believe they know their responsibilities very well.

  5. I live in a cheaper place than Burdubai. We have parks, tennis courts, basketball courts, huge swimming pool…..Hmmm food for thought ;)

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