Persistent teens get given the Z10 by a BlackBerry chief

The 17-year-old BB10 app developers Aman Ali, Ajay Kamath and Palash Chhawani were so eager to sneak a peek at the latest device that they arrived at the event uninvited. The grade 12 students, who study at Dubai’s Indian High School, dressed for the part and arrived at the event three hours early, hoping for a miracle. “I told Palash and Ajay: ‘Just wear a jacket and we’ll just go and see what happens’,” said Aman. Palash added: “We thought if we come before everyone else, they might just let us in.” “But no, they didn’t,” the teens said in unison. Disappointed but unwilling to give up, the BB loyalists waited outside following the live stream of the event online. “We were so excited when we saw it on screen,” said Aman. “So we discussed trying again. We were wondering, ‘will it be embarrassing?’, ‘what if they reject us again?’. But then we said let’s just go inside and see.” Finally, the tech enthusiasts’ persistence paid off. “We ended up meeting this nice lady and she said she’d go in and speak to someone,” Aman said. “About 10-15 minutes later she said why don’t you come and meet the BlackBerry team! We have this start-up company that builds apps and releases them in the BB10 app store,” said Aman, referring to the vendor portal on BB app world set up by the three of them. “We’ve been developing apps for it for the past six months but we haven’t had a chance to hold the final product – so we wanted to see what BlackBerry’s big comeback is. “While we were there, the BlackBerry rep started introducing us and telling our story to some of the big people there from BlackBerry. They were really impressed with the app we made and our story. At the end, the marketing director said ‘these guys need to be given a device’ so we actually got one each!” Asked if their new gadget was all they had hoped it would be, the teens exclaimed: “The word ‘awesome’ is like an understatement.”

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